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Rock On! This Week's Sound Bites...1/27/22

By Danny Coleman

originally published: 01/27/2022

Rock On! This Week


The hours and the money,” jokes Pennington, NJ resident and funny lady Anita Wise as she explained why she got into comedy; “It’s fun, it’s very fun, it’s really fun. Nobody who knew me growing up expected this to happen.”  

Growing up in Philadelphia, PA there wasn’t always much to laugh about; the ’64 Phillies’ collapse was still very much in everyone’s mind and the 70’s teams weren’t much better with several playoff losses; the Flyers had a couple of Stanley Cups but the Eagles and Sixers were horrific. There was Legionnaire’s Disease and more to squelch any fun but as a young lady none of that came into play. Wise wasn’t necessarily looking to comedy as a career choice but she did have a desire to entertain which came from her family history but it wasn’t until she began a stint as a bartender at at popular music spot called John & Peter’s in New Hope, PA that something kind of clicked.

“The one side of my family are all performers,” she began in the soft sweet tone that has come to personify her stage presence. “My mother was French and she was a dancer for the Paris Opera and so was my aunt. My uncle was an actor for the Comedie Francaise and both of my cousins became actors as well. So, that whole side of the family were performers and that was something that I was envious of and familiar with; so, I kept trying to find some way that I could be one. I tried skating and wasn’t good at it, tried ballet and I wasn’t good at it, I tried acting in high school and that was a bit of a disaster. So, I kind of tabled it until I became a bartender and when I was a bartender I kind of realized that it was sort of like performing and I liked it. I didn’t really do anything with it until I went to New York and started hanging out with comics and that’s when I got the idea that maybe this was something that I could do. I enjoy it a lot, I really do and as I said, it’s kind of a surprise to everyone I knew growing up and it’s sort of surprising to me; it really feels good and I enjoy it so much. I’ve performed in Paris, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Vegas; a lot of places. I have a few states I’ve not checked off yet but I’ve gotten to travel a lot and I really loved it, it was fun”

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As is the case with so many others in the business, “Hanging out with comics” can lead to more opportunities and for Wise, these came in the form of opening for larger name comedians, performances at all of the hotspot comedy clubs across the U.S. such as The Improv and Dangerfield’s, eventual headlining opportunities, TV appearances, commercials and even a couple of “Seinfeld” episodes playing the role of a waitress in their favorite diner.

Now, of course this didn’t come easy. Anita resided in New York City and Los Angeles with a few other stops along the way and after a few life decisions, a marriage and eventually going into business with her husband selling high-end lighting; she walked away from performing with the exception of a few one-off appearances now and again.

Sadly, her husband (A musician by the name of TJ Tindall) passed away six years ago leaving her in kind of an, “OK, now what to do?” mode but it was this, coupled with the friends she made in the comedy world that sort of led her back to performing but was she able to jump right back in or was it more of a dipping her toes in to test the waters?

“It was a slow build, I needed to build back new material but it was actually pretty easy,” she said with hesitation. “A lot of the people I worked with I had worked with in the past so it was pretty comfortable the second time. Then I’d go to open mic nights and meet people that way and a lot of them booked shows; I met (Hamilton, NJ born and raised comic) Joe Bub that way, not sure if it was an open mic but he and I did a show together and one thing leads to another. I rarely actually seek work, it kind of just comes. People will ask me; are you open this date? Let’s do this? So, it has been good. Hopefully the COVID thing is starting to get in our rearview but it is sort of like electric power in a third world country; sometimes it’s on and sometimes it is off. Comedy has been tough, you get some momentum and then another surge comes and then all of a sudden shows are cancelled left and right and you’re back again and you think, I don’t know what is going on but now it seems to be picking up again.”

Wise, who describes herself as an “Observation comic based on her life experience” has an easygoing personality and is quite at home one on one or in front of a room full of people. Her soft speaking voice is also indictive of her humble nature and when asked if there were any stand-out moments over the years in her travails and/or triumphs her responses had a twinge of youthful exuberance.

“When I did the gig at The Venetian I was very delighted to see my name on a placard being held by a limo driver,” she said with a chuckle. “There was another time it was a New Year’s Day and I had a gig at The MGM Grand and I woke up in the middle of the night after I had flown and I was sick, very sick with some kind of bad migraine. So, I called the booker and said that I didn’t know if I was going to be OK for the show that night and I just wanted to warn her that I didn’t feel good at all; I couldn’t stop throwing up. So, she sent someone up to take me to the infirmary; we go downstairs, I’m sick as a dog and outside there is a white stretch limo with MGM Grand Infirmary on it. I get into the limo and drive basically around the block because the clinic was on the side, I go in and they gave me a shot of I don’t know what; some Vegas magic shot and they put me in a dark room for about 20 minutes and I was good as good could be. I was hungry, I felt great and I was like; this is amazing! Then I went back out and got in the limo which had no bar or liquor and only a little green plastic container in case you got sick; that was their ambulance which was pretty special but kind of weird. What was fun about working the casinos was, there is a whole city underneath for the employees. You go underneath and there is a 24-hour cafeteria for food and there are all these people in all of these different costumes; the showgirls, the dealers, porters; everybody has different outfits on. There is a bank, a store there with all of this stuff in what is like this whole other underworld beneath the casino and it is really fun.”

 Rock On! This Week

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Wise has multiple dates booked beginning on Friday January 28, she also has a busy month of February with appearances at The Comedy Cabaret in Doylestown, PA on February 11 and 12; the February 12 appearance is a 9 p.m. show and is part of a television taping to be aired at a later date. Wise also pairs up with Julia Scotti on February 5 in Westchester, PA and then again on February 18 at The Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, PA before she returns to New Jersey with shows in South Brunswick, Tinton Falls and Oakland. So, with a schedule such as that; what else can we expect? 

“I love performing and hanging out with comics; I love my comedy friends, they are like a family. I’ve been performing a lot lately with Julia Scotti and we get along great, we are a good combination and we have a lot of fun together. I work with Paul Lyons, Buddy Fitzpatrick; are you familiar with him? He did a Dry Bar special and is a very funny guy, I work with a lot of people. I’ve worked with Joy Behar, Gilbert Godfried, Seinfeld; I shared bill, a “First Night” celebration with Ray Romano that was in a duplex movie theater. So, there were two theaters and the shows were at the same time and the people would come in and the ushers would say, “Anita Wise or Ray Romano?” Some people would go, Anita Wise and others would say Ray Romano and Ray and I looked at each other and said, let’s get out of here! That was nerve-wracking (laughs)!  So, they let us go in a little office while the audience filled in. What I hope to do this year though; well, I’m doing the one television spot for the Comedy Cabaret, I’m hoping to get a Dry Bar which I’m auditioning for and I really want to go visit places where I know people. That’s what is fun about comedy; being able to book a show someplace where I can go see people that I know or to someplace I’ve never visited;  I’m hoping to get out of my little tri-state area (laughs).”

To discover more about Anita Wise, please visit or she can be found on Instagram @Anita_wise_tindall.

Anita is also is giving a two-hour in depth interview on Sunday January 30 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on “Danny Coleman’s Rock On Radio” which can be found at and by clicking the “Listen Live” tab. 

Photos: Gary Bodner

That's it for this week! Please continue to support live and original music and until next week....ROCK ON!

This week's event listings

Al's Airport Inn
636 Bear Tavern Road West Trenton
(609) 883-5252
Sat. 5 p.m. Jessica DiDonato
Sun. (12 p.m.) Sunday Brunch (6 p.m.) "Sunday Funday" w/ DJ Spinning
Mon. 5 p.m. Ed Wilson
Tues. 7 p.m. AudioPilot
Wed. (4 p.m.) LGBTQ Happy Hour (7 p.m.) Mike & Laura
Bill's Olde Tavern   
2694 Nottingham Way Hamilton   
(609) 586-0192   
Mon. 7 p.m. Trivia Night
Tues./Wed. 8 p.m. Karaoke w/ DJ "Super" Dave Curtis
Ages 21+
Bowman's Tavern   
1600 River Road New Hope, PA   
(215) 862-2972   
Thurs. 6:30 p.m. David Dales Trio
Fri. (5:30 p.m.) Bennett Lee (8 p.m.) Bob Egan
Sat. 7 p.m. Mark Smith Trio
Sun. 6 p.m. Lorenzo
Wed. 6 p.m. Andy Prescott
Broken Goblet Brewing 
2500 State Road Bensalem, PA 
(267) 812-5653 
Thurs. 7 p.m. Mike Estabrook 
Fri. 7:30 p.m. Life Of Agony, Dog Eat Dog, Kings Never Die. $20.50, Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Sat. 8:30 p.m Iron Maiden Tribute w/ “Tailgunner”
Wed. 7 p.m. Trivia Hosted by Righteous Jolly
Candlelight Lounge   
24 Passaic Street Trenton   
(609) 695-9612   
Thurs. 6 p.m. Thursday Night Blues Jam Hosted by The Mojo Gypsies. $5 (Includes hot buffet)
Catch A Rising Star (Hyatt Regency Princeton)
102 Carnagie Center Princeton
(781) 568-1471
Fri. 7:30 p.m. John Bramnick,  Vince August. $26.75 / $32.50 (VIP), Doors open at 7 p.m.
Sat. 7:30 p.m. Jerrold B & Friends. $23.69 (Doors open at 7 p.m.)
City Streets   
510 Highway 130 South East Windsor   
(609) 426-9400 
Fri. 9 p.m. Jim Delre Band
Wed. 6:30 p.m. "Wine Down Wednesdays" w/ Rich G. Aveo   
125 South Main Street Hightstown   
(609) 241-7103
Fri. 7 p.m. "Danny Coleman's Got The Blues" 
Sun. 7 p.m. "Rock On Radio" feat. Anita Wise and "Pidgie" Panzarino
Cooper's Riverview
50 Riverview Plaza Trenton
(609) 393-7300
Thurs.9 p.m. Club Night feat. Rotating DJs (inside event)
Fri. (5 p.m.) "It's 5 O'clock Somewhere Happy Hour"  (8 p.m.) Asylum Choir
Sat. (7 p.m.) Bruce Springsteen Tribute w/ “The B Street Band” (9 p.m.) DJ Iron Mike
Sun. 11 a.m. " Sunday Latin Jazz Brunch" w/ Victor Tarassov 
Tues. 7 p.m. Karaoke w/ Michael Hoffman
Wed. (12 p.m.) "Wine Down Wednesdays" (7 p.m.) Blues Jam / Disco Hustle Night 
All Events Ages 21+
Cross Pollination Gallery
2 North Union Street Lambertville
(609) 213-6734
Fri. 5 p.m. "Friday Happy Hour." (Talk art, wine and musicians who bring instruments)
Curran’s Irish Inn
1909 Bristol Pike Bensalem, PA
(215) 245-1800
Sat. 9 p.m. Shot Of Southern
Dacey's Pub
215 West Philadelphia Avenue Morrisville, PA
(215) 295-4838
Fri. 6 p.m. Acoustic Music Night
Wed. 8 p.m. Quizzo
Dadz Bar and Grill
744 Main Street Lumberton
Thurs. 7 p.m. Open Mic Night Hosted by Jimmy Mannix
Fri. 8 p.m. Shameless
Sat. 8 p.m. Karaoke w/ DJ Dubbs
Tues. 7 p.m. Open Mic Hosted by Edgar Anderson
Gleason's Bar
6700 Mill Creek Road Levittown, PA
(215) 943-4781
Thurs. 7 p.m. Music Bingo / “Ladies Night”
Fri. (6 p.m.) "Happy Hour"  (9 p.m.) Steal Your Face
Sat. 7 p.m. Sight Unseen
Harvest Seasonal Grill (Newtown Shopping Center)
2865 South Eagle Road Newtown, PA
(215) 944-8469
Thurs. 6 p.m. Brian Elliot
Havana New Hope   
105 S. Main Street New Hope, PA.   
(215) 862-9897  
Fri. (8:30 p.m.) Peter Gabriel Tribute w/ “Shock The Monkey” $35 (11 p.m.) DJ Dance Party
Sat. (8:30 p.m.) Castle Lane (9:30 p.m.) DJ Dance Party
Sun. 6 p.m. Steely Dan Tribute w/ “Countdown To Ecstasy.” $35
Hopewell Valley Vineyards   
46 Yard Avenue Pennington   
(609) 737-4465   
Fri. 4 p.m. "Music & Merlot" feat. (5 p.m.) Catmoondaddy
Sat. (1 p.m.) Acoustic DuoVer (5 p.m.) "Music & Merlot" feat. Bad Hombres
Sun. 1:30 p.m. "Jazzy Sundays" feat. Hopewell Valley Vineyards Jazz Band
Hurricane Jacks Bar and Grill   
7759 New Falls Road Levittown, PA   
(267) 914-4517   
Fri. 6 p.m. Happy Hour w/ Johnny Betz
Sat. 8:30 p.m. Karaoke w/ Paula & Sam
Mon. 7 p.m. Motown Monday w/ DJ Code Redd
Tues. 9 p.m. Karaoke w/ Paula & Sam    
Iron Plow Vineyards   
26750 Mount Pleasant Road Columbus   
(732) 306-9111
Fri. 6:30 p.m. AudioPilot
Sat. 6:30 p.m. Marc Sengin
Iron Plow Vineyards Tasting Room
61 High Street Mt. Holly
(732) 306-9111
Fri. 6:30 p.m. Wayne Palmer & Friends
Ivy Tavern   
3108 S. Broad Street, Hamilton   
(609) 888-1435   
Thurs. 9:30 p.m. Karaoke
Fri. 8 p.m. Diane Chiorello
Sat. 8 p.m. Sara and the Sound
Sun. 6 p.m. Karaoke Latinos
All shows 21+     
John & Peter's   
96 S. Main Street New Hope, Pa   
(215) 862-5981  
Fri. 9 p.m. Trailheads
Sat. 3 p.m. The Real Fugitives 
Mon. 9 p.m. Open Mic (Sign-ups start at 8 p.m.)
Wed. 9 p.m. The Invitational   
All shows 21+ 
Killarney's Publick House   
1644 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road Hamilton  
(609) 586-1166  
Thurs. 6 p.m. Radio Fiction
Fri. 9 p.m. DJ Murph
Sat. 9 p.m. El Ka Bong
Sun. 10 a.m. Boxing Day Brunch
Mon. 7 p.m. Madden Memorial Tournament
Laurita Winery   
85 Archertown Road New Egypt   
(609) 752-0200 
Fri. 7 p.m. The Best of Laurita Idol
Sat. 7 p.m. Awesome 80’s Dance Party
Wed. 12 p.m. Girls Night Out: Ages 21+
Logan Inn   
9 South Main Street New Hope, PA   
(215) 862-2300 
Thurs. 7 p.m. Ian Lander
Fri. 8:30 p.m. Bridge Beat Duo
Sat. 8:30 p.m. Mystery Four
Main Street Mt. Holly
28 Washington Street Mt. Holly
(609) 914-0811
Sat. / Sun. 10 a.m. “Fire & Ice” Festival
McGuinn's Place   
1781 Brunswick Avenue Lawrence   
(609) 392-0599  
Tues. 9 p.m. Karaoke   
Ages 21+   
McStews Irish Sports Pub   
5316 New Falls Road Levittown, PA   
(215) 949-9570   
Fri. 8 p.m. Final Friday: Price Tribute w/ “Controversy” / Jimi Hendrix Tribute w/ “Axis.” Ages 21+, $11.49
Sat. 9 p.m. All Lit Up
Tues. 7:30 p.m. Trivia Night
Wed. 9 p.m. Karaoke w/ Paula and Sam
Millhill Basement   
300 S. Broad Street Trenton   
(609) 989-1600   
Sat. 8:30 p.m. 7th Grade Girl Fight, Assemble, Condition Oakland, Aliens Exist
Music Mountain Theater
1483 Route 179 Lambertville
Fri. 8 p.m. “Noises Off.” $25
Sat. 3 p.m. / 8 p.m. “Noises Off” $25
Sun. 3 p.m. “Noises Off” $25
Naked Brewing Company
212 Mill Street Bristol, PA
(267) 544-7129
Sat./Sun. 11 a.m. Weekend Brunch
Tues. 7 p.m. Trivia
Newtown Brewing Company
103 Penns Trail Newtown, PA
(215) 944-8609
Thurs. 7:30 p.m.  “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” Trivia Night
Fri. 6 p.m. Boondashark
Sat. 6 p.m. Matt Kresge
Nick's Roast Beef
4501 Woodhaven Road West Philadelphia, PA
(215) 637-5151
Fri. 9 p.m. Great Scott Band
Sat. 9 p.m. Fat Mezz
Nottingham Tavern   
9 Mercer Street Hamilton Square   
(609) 587-6623   
Thurs. 9:30 pm. Karaoke w/ Super Dave Curtis
Sat. 9:30 p.m. 80’s Undercover
Oldestone Restaurant
15 South Main Street New Hope, PA
(215) 862-7044
Thurs. (6 p.m.) Aaon Quarterman (Deco Bar) (7 p.m.) (Jazz Lounge)
Fri. (6 p.m.) Edison Wilson (Deco Bar) (7 p.m.) Keith Franklin Jazz Band (Jazz Lounge)
Sat. (6 p.m.) Max Rogers (7 p.m.) Hill, Gonzales & Byrne (Jazz Lounge)
Old Town Pub   
135 Farnsworth Avenue Bordentown   
(609) 291-9232  
Thurs. 7 p.m. Quizzoholics Trivia 
Sat. 8 p.m. Tour de Force Trio
Palmer Square
40 Nassau Street Princeton
Thurs. (4 p.m.) "Skating On The Square" $10/$12 (Includes skate rental)
Fri. (4 p.m.) "Skating On The Square" $10/$12 (Includes skate rental)
Sat.12 p.m./4 p.m. "Skating On the Square" $10/$12 (Includes skate rental)
Sun 12 p.m./4 p.m. "Skating On the Square" $10/$12 (Includes skate rental)
Patriots Crossing   
1339 River Road Titusville   
(609) 737-2780  
Thurs. 8 p.m. Open Mic Night
Sat. 8 p.m. MLC Band
Wed. 7 p.m. "Quizzo" 
Rossi's Bar & Grill   
2110 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road Hamilton   
(609) 890-2004   
Thurs. 5:30 p.m. Ernie White
Second Sin Brewing Company
1500 Grundy Lane Bristol, PA
(267) 812-5251
Thurs. 4 p.m. Trivia
Small World Coffee   
14 Witherspoon Street Princeton   
(609) 924-4377 x2 
Sat. 6 p.m. Rich Seiner
Tankard Pub
440 Keim Boulevard Burlington
(609) 306-5079
Thurs. 7 p.m. The Williamsboy
Tara's Tavern  
1 Cookstown-New Egypt Road, Wrightstown   
(609) 286-2300   
Fri. 9 p.m. Karaoke w/ Big Daddy G
Sat. 9 p.m. Audio Outlaws
Tavern On The Lake    
101 Main Street Hightstown   
(609) 426-9345    
Wed. 9 p.m. Karaoke
Temperance House   
5 South State Street Newtown, PA   
(215) 944-8050   
Fri. 7 p.m. Bad Hombres
Tues. 8 p.m. Trivia w/ Righteous Jolly
Wed. 7 p.m. Open Mic Night w/ Cara Cartney
TGI Fridays
3535 U.S. Route 1 North #275 Princeton
(609) 520-0378
Fri. 5 p.m. Lisa Bouchelle
Sun. 1 p.m. Joshua Van Ness
The Buck Hotel
1200 Buck Road Feasterville, PA
(215) 396-2002
Thurs. 7 p.m. Kevin Kirk
Fri. 7 p.m. Love Junk
Sat. 9 p.m. Secret Service
Tues. 6 p.m. Danny Lynch
The Cool Cricket   
216 Burlington Street Fieldsboro   
(609) 291-9110   
Thurs. 8 p.m. DJ Ran D
Fri. 8 p.m. Karaoke
Sat. 9:30 p.m. Polish Nannies
The Five Four Bar & Grill 
8919 New Falls Road Levittown, PA 
(215) 547-5525 
Thurs. 9 p.m. Karaoke w/ Paula and Sam
Fri. 9 p.m. Se7en
Sat. 9 p.m. Well Strung
The Ivy Inn   
248 Nassau Street Princeton   
(609) 921-8555   
Fri. 10 p.m. Funky T
Sat. 10 p.m. DJ Sojo
Tues. 8 p.m. Quizzo w/ Bob E Luv  
Wed. 10 p.m. Total Request w/ DJ Rockin' Ron
The Morrisville Tavern
376 West Trenton Avenue Morrisville, PA
(215) 295-5310
Mon. 7 p.m. Karaoke w/ DJ Tim
Tues. 7 p.m. Open Mic
Wed. 7 p.m. Trivia Night
The Roost   
181 Rte. 539 Cream Ridge   
(609) 208-0050 
Fri. 8 p.m. The Shakyz
Sat. 8 p.m. ArHouse
The Sycamore Grill   
255 North Sycamore Street Newtown, PA   
(215) 908-6326   
Fri. 8:30 p.m. Kickbax
Sat. 8 p.m. Steve Tourison
The Union Firehouse
18 Washington Street Mount Holly
(609) 288-6491
Sat. 7 p.m. Steal Your Face
Tir Na Nog   
1324 Hamilton Avenue Trenton   
(609) 392-2554 
Sun. 3 p.m. "Irish Sessions" 
Trenton Social    
449 South Broad Street Trenton   
(609) 989-7777  
Thurs. 5 p.m. "Happy Hour Throwback Thursday"
Sat. 6 p.m. Live Music (TBA)
Mon. 6 p.m. "Monday Night Karaoke" Hosted by Sweets
Tues. 8 p.m. Open Mic Night w/ Tobias & Lea (Sign-ups at 7:30 p.m.)
Vault Brewing Company
10 South Main Street Yardley, PA
(267) 573-4291
Fri. 7 p.m. Behn Gillece Duo
Sat. 7 p.m. Tony Miceli Trio
Working Dog Winery   
610 Windsor Perrineville Road Hightstown   
(609) 371-6000
Sat. 1 p.m. Chris (Rave On)
Sun. 12 p.m. Chris Giakas
WWFM 89.1 FM HD2 Radio
MCCC Old Trenton Road West Windsor
Mon. 7 p.m. "Danny Coleman's Got The Blues"

Danny Coleman is a veteran musician and writer from central New Jersey. He hosts a weekly radio program entitled “Rock On Radio” airing Sunday evenings at 7:000pm EST on multiple internet radio outlets where he features indie/original bands and solo artists.



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