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Columns By Danny Coleman

"My mom says "Stein" and my dad says "Steen" so there ya go that's why I'm still confused about it," said Foreigner's Michael Bluestein with a laugh as he corrected this particular journalist on the pronunciation of his last name; "I always went with mom's version." ... READ ON

"The release has been pushed back a few weeks because of delayed shipping with the LPs; we could see that there was going to be a delay anyway so we pushed it back a few weeks," says Nick Piunti as he discussed his band's latest release "Downtime" and much more. "The distributors are going to hold off until early June but it will be digitally available on May 22 and not in the stores until June but it will also be available on our Band Camp."... READ ON

"I'm doing actually really well all things considered," said Styx drummer Todd Sucherman with a hearty laugh as he discussed pandemics, Styx and the trials and tribulations detailed on his first solo effort called, "Last Flight Home."... READ ON

"All That Matters," it's a phrase one usually hears during an argument or perhaps when someone tries their best and fails. However in the case of vocal group Lights Out; this particular phrase means a whole lot more. ... READ ON

"The timing was not in our favor but we are happy with the end product," says blues musician Michael Mills as he discussed the band which bears his name, their new CD, its release party and more. ... READ ON

The following are the recollections of a fortunate man; someone who considers himself to be very lucky for reasons too numerous to mention. ... READ ON

"We are where we are, this is such an insane time; it seems so unreal, it's like apocalyptic or something."... READ ON

"I've played with WC handy Award winning vocalists and on a number of CDs, some distributed by Rounder Records; I don't have a ton of credits but I've always made my own music and I've always made my way as a hustling musician and produced my own projects."... READ ON

"I was born there and lived there until I was about eight years old," says singer/songwriter Tom Sless. "My dad's side of the family has lived in the South Jersey area since they came here from Europe in the early 1900's. They all settled in Atlantic City and I was born in Somers Point, grew up for a little bit in Ventnor then we moved to Linwood on the mainland when I was two years old. I lived there until around 2000 when my parents, siblings and I moved to Baltimore."... READ ON

Sometimes things are what they appear to be and others; not so much. Such is the case with Syracuse, NY based rock band Epic Tantrum who have drawn comparisons such as this one from graphic artist Ioannis, "Epic Tantrum is like the bastard children of Rush and Steely Dan. Powerful clever songs with twists and turns and musicianship to match."... READ ON

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