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Columns By Danny Coleman

"Gypsy soul," "Unforgettable Character" and "Gorgeous with a unique voice "have all been used to describe Melody Federer; one of the most talented singer/songwriters out there today. ... READ ON

"I'm hanging in there," said guitarist Kirk Fletcher with a laugh."I'm doing fantastic over here in Switzerland but I'm originally from the Los Angeles, California area." ... READ ON

So, if you are a Connecticut Yankee in Paris, France's food court; what do you do on September 26, 2020? You celebrate "National Pancake Day" and you do so even if you're on another continent all together.... READ ON

This is Karen and I'm in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This is Sharon and I'm in hot and sunny Phoenix, Arizona." ... READ ON

"I am over all very well," said a buoyant and excited Nick Perri as he discussed his recent release, the single which was dropped ahead of the album and much more. "I was born and raised in and around the Philadelphia area; I'm an east coast guy through and through. I did happen to marry a California girl so I was bi-coastal for a bit and living in the Southern California area but I am back now in the Philadelphia area and happy to be back home."... READ ON

"I'm safe, I'm COVID free, it's a sunny day in Minneapolis and nothing has gone wrong today; I'm good," said a laughing Jonatha Brooke as she began discussing her latest effort entitled "The Sweetwater Sessions," her one-woman play, living in Minnesota and more. ... READ ON

"That's a just a funny tongue in cheek southern thing; it's kind of sassy tongue in cheek. I think everyone may have their own meaning for it as to why we named it that. I remember my grandmother on my dad's side was southern and I'd go over there and she'd be cooking fried chicken and collard greens and say, "Bless Your Heart" kind of sarcastically; like they don't know anything but not derogatory, or you can say it literally; it can be taken either way.... READ ON

Forty-one albums in forty-five years doesn't leave much down time but if you're Georgia folk artist John McCutcheon, you thrive off of the "Creative process" and if you happen to be in self-quarantine mode; it makes it that much easier.... READ ON

"We have everybody involved," said Brian Erick with a laugh as he elaborated on his latest endeavor, "Demos For A Difference." "It's a fundraising compilation and it benefits the NAACP Legal Defense Fund; we have just a shade over 180 artists involved. There are plenty of people from our area; Dave Vargo, Renee from Lowlight, Tara Dente, Mark Tappan, Bobby Mahoney are all involved and that's just off the top of my head. We have artists from New York City, from across our country, we have a couple from Europe and I say artists because it's not just musicians. We have some spoken word, poetry; a lot of interesting stuff here." ... READ ON

"There's no re-creating a live performance whether you're playing for four people or 4,000; it's just irreplaceable but I'll be honest with you, there's the whole process of it too; getting your stuff ready, getting there, the whole thing. There are parts of it that you probably didn't even realize or at least think or say that you'd ever miss; like setting up your gear to play a gig or a sound check but you do; you know?"... READ ON

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