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Rock On! This Week's Sound Bites...8/19/21

By Danny Coleman

originally published: 08/19/2021

When you are a multi-platinum selling rock band who rose to fame in the mid-eighties, toured your rear-ends off and lived the "Lifestyle" full tilt for a decade; why would you ever split? Better yet; what caused the split and how or why does one re-unite? 

Well, Tesla is the band and for answers to these questions as well as to find out more about their new single, their current road effort, dubbed the "Let's Get Real Tour;" featuring a stop with Lynyrd Skynyrd at the PNC Bank Center in Holmdel, NJ on August 27 and much more we have turned to guitarist Frank Hannon who quite candidly takes us from then to now. So; you're getting the band back together huh Frank? 

"Yeah we are," he began while having his morning cup of coffee. "The time off from the pandemic, ironically for us was a good little break because we've been hitting it hard since we regrouped in 2000. We hit it super hard from 1986 until '96, a solid 10 years straight; we call it the first chapter of our career. The first group of albums that we did, "Mechanical Resonance," "The Great Radio Controversy," Psychotic Supper," "Five Man Acoustical Jam" and all that stuff; we got so burnt out after 10 years of doing that and we started hating on each other and we broke up. We should have just taken a break but we decided to do the break-up route which was a bad call but then we got back together four years later realizing that our music and our songs meant a lot to some people. So, we reunited in 2000 and it has been non-stop for almost 20 years. The first chapter was 10 years and the second chapter has been 20 years of making albums; so, the break was maybe not long enough (laughs), we could've used a little bit more time off but we are grateful that this is happening and we're real excited because we've got a new song. In the 90's the band fell apart due to a lot of personal reasons and just being burned out after hitting it so hard on the road." 

"Our singer, Jeff Keith had given me a call because he had another band together and needed a guitar player in a pinch to bail him out on some shows. I hadn't heard from him in a few years and it was great to hear from him and I flew out and filled in on a couple of shows and that was the spark of his and my chemistry being reunited again. The local radio station here in town started getting a ton of calls from people asking when Tesla was going do something because they were fans of our music; first and foremost they were playing our songs a lot on the radio here. So, they put together a Halloween concert in 2000 and that was the Tesla reunion and once we got together and saw the reaction, we just decided to keep it going as much as we could and try to work on those personal problems that we had. We created an album called "Into The Now" which was titled that because we were trying to let go of the past and be in the present. That album, to some of our fans and to ourselves, we feel is as strong as our debut album; it's like a second debut for us and that triggered the second chapter of what we did." 

The band is opening for Skynyrd, Styx and Kid Rock with some solo shows in between on this sojourn which began on August 5 and runs through November 1 and when asked about going back on the road, let alone with Lynyrd Skynyrd who had a recent "Farewell" tour; Hannon emphasized once again that it's all about the music. 

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"We're getting back to our old behavior," he said with a laugh; "Lynyrd Skynyrd is a good example of how the music carries it. The music and songs live on, people love hearing the soundtrack of their lives and a band gets tired and thinks; yeah, we need to hang this up and take a break but the songs are so important to people that they still want to come hear them live. That's why the "Let's Get Real" has so many meanings for us; one of our mantras has always been, "No machines," we used to print that on our album sleeves, meaning that it is real, we are playing the instruments, there is nothing fabricated by a computer. So, it is real songs and we're just keeping it raw and it comes from a lyric from our new song "Cold Blue Steel" that we are releasing which was ironically influenced by Lynyrd Skynyrd. JK and I were in the garage and I was jammin' on a guitar riff and he was listening to a Lynyrd Skynyrd song on his way over and we decided to get inspired by that and we found out two weeks later that we were going to be doing a show in Holmdel, New Jersey with Lynyrd Skynyrd; it all fell together cosmically (laughs). We toured with Lynyrd Skynyrd in the 90's and we were hoping for the best for Gary Rossington because he was always very cool to us and I have to say that he probably had a hand in choosing Tesla to come on tour with Skynyrd because as I said, we were friends with those guys years ago." 

Skynyrd, Styx and Kid Rock, all veteran rock acts who have had hectic tour schedules both before and after the pandemic; acts which rely heavily on playing the "Hits" from their catalog even though they have released recent new material. So, how does Tesla plan to approach their time on stage? 

"We are doing all of it; new songs, new material, the tour is themed after the "Cold Blue Steel" song and we are going to play obviously some of our hits but we are actually going to retire some that are kind of tired and worn out. We are going to be digging deeper into our catalog off of our third album called "Psychotic Supper" because there are some tracks on there that we haven't played in a long time and it is the thirtieth anniversary; we've been celebrating all of these thirty year anniversaries from that era of 1986 to 1996 that I mentioned earlier, chapter one. "Psychotic Supper" is the album that has "What You Give," "Edison's Medicine," "Song & Emotion," "Freedom Slaves" and songs like that which we're going to dig deep into which are gonna be deeper cuts on this tour." 

When asked if as an artist he or the band find playing the "Expected" tunes such as their wildly popular version of the Five Man Electrical Band hit "Signs" a challenge now; Hannon was straight forward in his response.

"Ya know, you've got to appease the crowd," he stated emphatically, "That's what we're there for, to entertain and make people feel good but luckily we love playing the song. Again, it's the soundtrack and people love the music. There are other songs and maybe even some that we may have written that I would have that feeling about but in this case, the song "Signs" is such a great lyric and great song that it is fun no matter what and as soon as I start singing it, even if I'm doing a solo gig I'll still play it because the crowd loves it and I love the song; that's the difference. I'll let you in on a little secret, "Little Suzi" is gonna sit on the bench this year (laughs). She's a little tired and she's gonna sit down for a while; you have to find a balance and even beyond that some of the fans on the internet will be posting how they want to hear these deeper tracks. So, there's the hits, the new songs and the deeper tracks and you have to divide it up and try and play all three of those. I've heard stories where the guys in Aerosmith hate playing "Dream On;" how crazy would you have to be for that (laughs)? So, it's a balancing act and you've got to keep your pride and your ego in check and realize that you're just damn lucky to be able to walk on stage in front of thousands of people and make them feel good!" 

The "Let's Get Real Tour" is somewhat of a statement from the group as they travel from city to city but Hannon mentioned a new single; does this mean there is another album in the works? Not so fast he claims; things are a little different...

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"It is a single for now and it will end up being an album but it is the type of approach like in the old days when The Beatles and The Stones would do that. When rock and roll was first born, bands would put out singles and then those songs would end up on albums in the future. This is a new premise for us because we were always hammered with deadlines and had to have an album out by such and such a date; what that does is force you to write songs in a manner of trying to get them done in a hurry and you'll have one or two great songs and maybe eight that aren't so great because they didn't get a chance to develop. So, we're not going to put that on this now; for the first time in our career we are just going to do what we want to do independently. We produced it ourselves in my garage and it is raw and it's real and we're going to do one song at a time at our own pace and not worry about making it a fabricated 10 or 12 songs in a group kind of thing. Now, that being said, it is going to be up to us to continue to force ourselves to get together and collectively create a single at a time and then by the end of the year we'll have a group of songs that grew organically."

"Besides being 35 years older," he said with a hearty laugh. "The Tesla then was like a young; have you ever heard the story of the two bulls on top of the mountain (laughs)? The one is young and the other is old, well that's how we are; let's walk down there and fuck'em all instead of running down and only fucking one of them. That's pretty much the difference; honestly, when we were young; I have a poster of us playing at the Texas Jam in 1987 in front of 90,000 people, I was 19 years old or I think I had just turned 20 and we were on 10 man! We had driven thousands of miles across Texas to get to this gig after playing all of these bars and we ran out on that stage and everything was hyper. Nowadays we pace ourselves a lot, we plan and just how I described how we recorded our new single and produced it ourselves, we're going to take our time to make a record with our own schedule. That's kind of the difference now, we pace ourselves and plan better and we don't get all fucked up and as drunk and high like we used to (laughs)."

To discover more about Tesla, the tour or the August 27 show; please visit

That's it for this week! Please continue to support live and original music and until next week....ROCK ON!

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636 Bear Tavern Road West Trenton
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Wed. 4 p.m. LGBTQ Happy Hour 
Arts Council of Princeton     
102 Witherspoon Street Princeton     
(609) 924-8777  
Thurs. 12 p.m. Artist Talk with Robin Resch (FREE and located in Dohm Alley next to Starbucks on Nassau St.) 
Fri. 6 p.m. "Summer Nights" Concert Series feat. Disco Dance Party / Movie: "High Note" (Takes place at Princeton Shopping Center 301 North Harrison Street) 
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2694 Nottingham Way Hamilton     
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Thurs. 7 p.m. Sacco & Hoyer
Fri. 7 p.m. The Polish Nannies
Tues./Wed. 8 p.m. Karaoke w/ DJ "Super" Dave Curtis
Ages 21+   
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1600 River Road New Hope, PA     
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Thurs. 6:30 p.m. Andrea Carlson Trio
Fri. 8 p.m. Bob Egan
Sat. 7 p.m. Dave Dales Trio
Sun. 6 p.m. Lorenzo
Wed. 6 p.m. Andy Prescott
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Sat. 8:30 p.m. The Greg McGarvey Band 
Wed. 8 p.m. Open Mic w/ Cara Cartney 
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Thurs. 6 p.m. Thursday Night Blues Jam Hosted by The Mojo Gypsies. $5 (Includes hot buffet) 
City Streets     
510 Highway 130 South East Windsor     
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Wed. 6:30 p.m. "Wine Down Wednesdays" w/ Rich G. Aveo     
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 (The Patio)
850 Bear Tavern Road Ewing  
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Fri. 7 p.m. Kindred Spirit Duo     
125 South Main Street Hightstown     
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Sun. 7 p.m. "Rock On Radio" feat. Samantha Spano
Cooper's Riverview 
50 Riverview Plaza Trenton 
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Thurs. (7 p.m.) Sundog Country (9 p.m.) Club Night feat. Rotating DJs (inside event)
Fri. (5 p.m.) "It's 5 O'clock Somewhere Happy Hour" feat. (TBA)  (8 p.m.) Journey Tribute w/ "Highway Run"
Sat. 8 p.m. 80's Undercover
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Tues. 7 p.m. Karaoke w/ Karen and Mark
Wed. (12 p.m.) "Wine Down Wednesdays" (7 p.m.) Blues Jam on the Deck / Disco Hustle Night (Inside event)
All Events Ages 21+
Cream Ridge Winery   
145 Route 539 Cream Ridge   
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Fri. 6 p.m. Reggae Night w/ Random Test. $5
Sat. (1:30 p.m.) Ronnie Brandt (3 p.m.) "Made In Monmouth" 
Sun. 1:30 p.m. Sangria Sunday 
Cross Pollination Gallery
2 North Union Street Lambertville
(609) 213-6734
Fri. 5 p.m. "Friday Happy Hour." (Talk art, wine and musicians who bring instruments) 
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215 West Philadelphia Avenue Morrisville, PA 
(215) 295-4838 
Fri. 6 p.m. Acoustic Music Night 
Wed. 8 p.m. Quizzo 
Dadz Bar and Grill
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Thurs. 7 p.m. Open Mic Night
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Dempster's Pub
437 Pine Street Mount Holly
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Fri. / Sat. 9 p.m. DJ entertainment
Dog & Bull Brew House     
810 Bristol Pike (Rte. 13) Croydon, PA.     
(215) 788-2855     
Fri. 6 p.m. Dana Collins
Sun. 4 p.m. Brian Elliot
Eddington House Bensalem
2813 Hulmeville Road, Bensalem, PA
(215) 639-1220
Fri. 8 p.m. Rachel & Ty
Sat. 8 p.m. Shauny Mac
Escape Resort, Restaurant & Bar
120 Pheasant Run Road Newtown, PA
(215) 968-0600
Fri. 6 p.m. Tubetop Mama / Stems & Seeds
German American Society   
215 Uncle Pete's Road Hamilton   
(609) 585-5200   
Fri. 7 p.m. Bear's Choice. (Outdoor Biergarten event)
Gleason's Bar
6700 Mill Creek Road Levittown, PA
(215) 943-4781
Thurs. 7 p.m. Weekly Corn Hole Tournament
Fri. (6 p.m.) "Happy Hour" (9 p.m.) Dance Party w/ DJ In D Groove
Sat. 8 p.m. Karaoke
90 South Main Street New Hope, PA  
(215) 693-1657  
Thurs. 8 p.m. "Musicians Night Out" Hosted by Lovelight 
Tues. 8 p.m. Open Mic Hosted by Sam Ryan
Wed. 8 p.m. Trivia Hosted by Dwayne Dunlevy
Grover's Mill Coffee House
Princeton-Hightstown Road Princeton Junction     
(609) 716-8771     
Sat. 11 a.m. D.J. Spoltore
Hamilton Tap & Grill  
557 US Route 130 North Hamilton  
(609) 905-0925  
Fri. 7 p.m. Bob Banka    
Havana New Hope 
105 S. Main Street New Hope, PA.     
(215) 862-9897    
Thurs. 7 p.m. Funk n' Blues Jam
Fri. 9:30 p.m. DJ Dance Party 
Sat. 9:30 p.m. DJ Dance Party 
Sun. (2 p.m.) The Sensational Soul Cruisers. $25 
Mon. 9 p.m. Karaoke w/ Dwayne 
Hopewell Valley Vineyards     
46 Yard Avenue Pennington     
(609) 737-4465     
Fri. 4 p.m. "Music & Merlot" feat. (5:30 p.m.) Deb & Mike 
Sat. (1 p.m.) Bad Hombres (5:30 p.m.) "Music & Merlot" feat. FOGlight
Sun. 1:30 p.m. "Jazzy Sundays" feat. Blue Jersey Band "Django & Jazz"
Irish Rover Station House  
1033 South Bellevue Avenue Langhorne, PA 
(215) 970-5412
Fri. 9:30 p.m. DJ Entertainment Paula & Sam Dance Party
Sat. 9:30 p.m. Karaoke Party Hosted by Paula & Sam
Iron Plow Vineyards     
26750 Mount Pleasant Road Columbus     
(732) 306-9111  
Fri. 6:30 p.m. The Grouser Girls
Sun. 2 p.m. Steve Guyger
Iron Plow Vineyards Tasting Room
61 High Street Mt. Holly 
(732) 306-9111
Fri. 6:30 p.m. Wayne Palmer & Friends
Ivy Tavern     
3108 S. Broad Street, Hamilton     
(609) 888-1435     
Thurs. 9:30 p.m. "Thursday Night Dance Party" 
Sat. 8 p.m. Union
All shows 21+       
John & Peter's     
96 S. Main Street New Hope, Pa     
(215) 862-5981    
Sat. 8:30 p.m. The Extensions, Alpha Rabbit, Viewers Like You. Doors Open at 8 p.m., FREE event
Mon. 9 p.m. Open Mic (Sign-ups start at 8 p.m.)
Wed. 9 p.m. The Invitational     
All shows 21+    
Killarney's Publick House     
1644 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road Hamilton    
(609) 586-1166    
Sat. 5 p.m. Mario & Frank
Laurita Winery     
85 Archertown Road New Egypt     
(609) 752-0200   
Thurs. 7 p.m. "Laurita Junior Idol 2021" Semi-finals
Fri. 12 p.m. "Wine In The Grove Friday" (6 p.m.) BBQ Grill Night w/ Steve Berger. Adults ages 13+ $34.99, Kids ages 6-12 $19.99. Ages 5 and under FREE. (7:30 p.m.) "Kricket Comedy" feat. Keith Purnell, Chris Johnston, Nora Trabin. $25 online, Doors open at 7 p.m. (Outdoor event, BYO chairs)
Sat. 11 a.m. Bacon Food Truck Festival feat. (11 a.m.) All In (2:30 p.m.) Pennington Station Band (6 p.m.) The Wag
Sun. 11 a.m. Bacon Food Truck Festival feat. (11 a.m.) The Rangers Nouveau (3 p.m.) Nikki and the Sweet Briar Band
Wed. 12 p.m. "Girls Night Out" 
Lawrenceville Main Street
17 Phillips Avenue Lawrenceville
(609) 219-9300
Thurs. 6 p.m. "Music In The Park" feat. (TBA) (Weeden Park FREE admission)
Locust Hall at Johnson's Farm 
2691 Monmouth Road Jobstown
(609) 723-2630 
Fri. 6 p.m. Oliver Dagum
Makefield Highlands Golf Club
1418 Woodside Road Yardley, PA
(215) 321-7000
Fri. 5 p.m. Summer's Grove Band
McStews Irish Sports Pub     
5316 New Falls Road Levittown, PA     
(215) 949-9570     
Sat. 9 p.m. Last Call
Tues. 7:30 p.m. Trivia Night
Mercer County Park  (Boathouse at Mercer Lake) 
334 South Post Road West Windsor 
(866) 683-3586 
Thurs. 5:30 p.m. Kindred Spirit
Mercer County Park Festival Grounds
Hughes Drive/Old Trenton Road West Windsor   
(609) 448-1947 
Fri. 6 p.m. Summer Concert Series: The Nerds / The Moroccan Sheepherders. $5 (Parking fee) 
Music Mountain Theater
1483 Route 179 Lambertville
Fri. 8 p.m. Carousel
Sat./Sun. 3 p.m. Carousel
Music On Main 
25 East Main Street Yardley, PA
Sat. 6 p.m. Wanamaker Lewis and the Lewis Brothers
New Egypt Flea Market Village
933 Monmouth County Road Cream Ridge
(609) 758-2082
Sun. 11:30 a.m. Bill Mecca's Live Sax at "Tye Dye Amy's"
Mon. 5 p.m. Full Moon Market (Sturgeon Moon) feat. DEAD FORMAT's NOT DEAD - a Night (7 p.m.) Michael Jaskewicz at "Tye Dye Amy's"
Newtown Brewing Company
103 Penns Trail Newtown, PA
(215) 944-8609 
Thurs. 7:30 p.m.  Trivia Night
Sat. 6 p.m. Slim & The Perkolators
Sun. 2 p.m. Kate & Bob
Nick's Roast Beef
4501 Woodhaven Road West Philadelphia, PA
(215) 637-5151
Fri. 8 p.m. Hind Sight
Sat. 8 p.m. Wurl
Sun. 4 p.m. AJ Slick 
Wed. 7 p.m. LeCompt Acoustic Duo
NJWeedman's Joint
322 East State Street Trenton
(609) 437-0898
Sun. 2 p.m. Zig
O'Fowley's Tavern & Grill
200 State Road Croydon, PA
(215) 785-6998
Fri. 8 p.m. DJ Entertainment
Old Hights Brewing
123 West Ward Street Hightstown
(609) 469-5976
Thurs. 7 p.m. Trivia 
Olde Liberty Tavern
2114 Liberty Street Trenton
(609) 396-2262
Sat. 9 p.m. Asylum Choir
Old Town Pub     
135 Farnsworth Avenue Bordentown     
(609) 291-9232    
Thurs. 7 p.m. Quizzoholics Trivia   
Sat. 7 p.m. Radio Fiction
Palmer Square
40 Nassau Street Princeton
Thurs. 4 p.m. "Locals Night" w/ Live "Strolling" Musician 
Sat.12 p.m. Ess Gees
Pasquale's Sports Bar
9078 Mill Creek Road Levittown, PA
(267) 202-6268
Fri. 5 p.m. Happy Hour feat. (TBA)
Sat. 8 p.m. DJ or Live Band Entertainment 
Tues. 7:30 p.m. Quizzo
Wed. 7 p.m. Open Mic
Patriots Crossing     
1339 River Road Titusville     
(609) 737-2780    
Thurs. 8 p.m. Open Mic Night
Wed. 7 p.m. "Quizzo"   
Pete's Steak House     
523 Whitehorse Avenue Hamilton     
(609) 585-8008     
Fri. 9 p.m. Radio Fiction
Rocky Brook Park
170 Bank Street Hightstown
Sat. 12 p.m. "8th Annual Latino Festival of Hightstown-East Windsor" 
Rosedale Mills
101 Route 31 North Pennington
(609) 737-2008
Sat. 1 p.m. Outdoor Line Dancing. $10 (Rain date Sundays 12 p.m.)
Sav'Aged Designs
110 South Main Street New Hope, PA
(609) 937-6104
Sat. 10 a.m. The Art of Adriana Groza
Sherman Theater/Penn Community Bank Amphitheater
2400 Byberry Road Bensalem, PA
Wed. 7 p.m. Idlewild South (Doors open at 5:30 p.m., tickets available online)
Small World Coffee     
14 Witherspoon Street Princeton     
(609) 924-4377 x2   
Thurs. 8 p.m. The Art of Elina Lorenz (Runs daily thru 9/7)
Sat. 6 p.m. Rich Seiner
Sparky World-Famous Beer Garden
4333 New Falls Road Levittown, PA
(215) 943-2321
Thurs. 9 p.m. Karaoke
Fri. 9 p.m. DJ Dance Parties w/ the Paula & Sam Livingston
Stars & Stripes Harley Davidson
600 South Flowers Mill Road Langhorne, PA
(215) 752-9400
Sat. 11 a.m. Babes & BBQ FREE Bikini Bike Wash
Tavern On The Lake      
101 Main Street Hightstown     
(609) 426-9345     
Wed. 9 p.m. Karaoke
Terhune Orchards  
330 Cold Soil Road Princeton  
(609) 924-2310  
Fri. 4 p.m. "Sips & Sounds Friday" feat. Jerry Steele
Sun.1 p.m. "Weekend Music Series" feat. Maggs and Bud
The Buck Hotel
1200 Buck Road Feasterville, PA
(215) 396-2002
Thurs. 7 p.m. Kevin Kirko
Fri. 7 p.m. Franco & Crabbie
Sat. 9 p.m. Philly Rock & Soul
The Cool Cricket     
216 Burlington Street Fieldsboro     
(609) 291-9110     
Fri. 8 p.m. Karaoke  
Sat. 8:30 p.m. El Ka Bong
The Cure Insurance Center     
81 Hamilton Ave. Trenton     
(609) 656-3200     
Sat./Sun. 10 a.m. "Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market." Live music, vendors, food trucks. $5 (2-day pass/Kids ages 10 and under FREE)
The Dubliner   
34 North Main Street New Hope, PA   
(215) 693-1816  
Sat. 7 p.m. Sean Fleming
Sun. 2 p.m. David Falcone
The Morrisville Tavern
376 West Trenton Avenue Morrisville, PA
(215) 295-5310
Sat. 7 p.m. Bill Monach
Mon. 7 p.m. Karaoke w/ DJ Tim
Tues. 7 p.m. Open Mic
Wed. 7 p.m. Trivia Night
The Sycamore Grill     
255 North Sycamore Street Newtown, PA     
(215) 908-6326     
Fri. 8 p.m. John Brennan Blues Duo
Sat. 8 p.m. Joe Robinson
Tindall Road Brewing Co.
102 Farnsworth Avenue Bordentown   
(609) 526-8651    
Thurs. 5 p.m. "Thirsty Thursdays" (7 p.m.) Books & Beer
Tir Na Nog     
1324 Hamilton Avenue Trenton     
(609) 392-2554   
Sat. 9 p.m. Jerry Monk
Triumph Brewing Company (New Hope, Pa. Location)     
400 Union Square New Hope, Pa.     
(215) 862-8300     
Thurs. 8 p.m. Trivia      
Sun. 7 p.m. Open Stage 
All shows 21+  
Vault Tap Room
19 West College Avenue Yardley, PA
(267) 907-8550
Fri. 7 p.m. Jon Savage Acoustic Duo
Sat. 7 p.m. Bill Van Zandt
Water's Edge Gastropub and Lounge
1067 Totem Road Bensalem, PA
(267) 332-2095
Thurs. 7 p.m. Cornhole "Blind Draw." $10 
Sat. 12 p.m. Drag Brunch  
Wed.7 p.m. Drag Bingo & Karaoke
Working Dog Winery     
610 Windsor Perrineville Road Hightstown     
(609) 371-6000 
Sat. 1 p.m. Chris from Rave On
Sun. 1 p.m. Jersey Sure Cats
WWFM 89.1 FM HD2 Radio
MCCC Old Trenton Road West Windsor
Mon. 7 p.m. "Danny Coleman's Got The Blues" 
Yankee Doodle Tap Room
10 Palmer Square Princeton
(609) 921-7500
Thurs. 6 p.m. Dueling Piano Night (Palmer Square)

Danny Coleman is a veteran musician and writer from central New Jersey. He hosts a weekly radio program entitled “Rock On Radio” airing Sunday evenings at 7:000pm EST on multiple internet radio outlets where he features indie/original bands and solo artists.



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