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ROCK ON! This Week's Sound Bites...7/28/16

By Danny Coleman

originally published: 07/28/2016

"A major change in the appearance or character of someone or something"

"Webster's Dictionary" tells us such is the definition of "Metamorphosis" and in the case of Kristin Gundred (or Welchez as some prefer); she has morphed once again in pursuit of her art. 
Perhaps better known as "Dee Dee," this songwriting, guitarist rose to prominence as a member of the Dum Dum Girls and is currently undergoing a third change as her new project, "Kristin Kontrol" is in full swing. "The Dum Dum girls? Well, this is not quite like that," said Kristin as she explained this next step of her career. "This is also my project but leaving the group was, well; musically I outgrew some things. This, for me, it was how I released my music and that was no longer an appropriate outlet for my music. I couldn't seem to move forward so I had to it all down and start over to re-establish myself and my music."
Re-establish, re-invent or morph, call it what one will but Kristin's latest effort falls under a new identity and it's that of "Kristen Kontrol." A new name, a new collection of tunes and a new attitude and that has come through to the masses in the form of "X-Communicate," a techno infused, pop, rocking disc which was released earlier this year. "This disc took me a year to make, I've been writing it since 2015. I wrote over 60 songs and of course they all didn't make the album. I decided to use two new producers on this; it's part of my desire to shake off my Dum Dum Girls persona. I made up my mind not to limit myself or my music to the perception of the Dum Dum Girls." 
Describing her music as "Definitely pop," Kristin presents it on a grand scale and does so with the help of a new label; Sub Pop Records. "Yeah, well," she started with a laugh; "I don't know if I can define my music strictly because I infiltrate a large spectrum but it definitely is more pop. I rock it up, it's synthetic,but I think it's really just showcasing my love of pop music. My label has been great! They've allowed me to do as I want; I mean, they found me on Myspace and signed me before I even played a single show. We've had some growing pains but we are doing well now." 
Kristin says that her backing band is, "Small but sounds big" and looks very much forward to this tour and sharing dates with one of her favorite bands, "Garbage" tonight in Boston and Saturday in Philadelphia. Even though the bands differ in styles and sounds, Kristin feels that the two are a good fit. "I have to disagree," she said somewhat taken aback. "I think pairing us together makes a lot of sense. We're both electrically leaning, we're both pop bands and I'm a huge Garbage fan; I think it's a great combination." 
Vowing to,"Sing her little heart out," Kristin is once again pushing herself forward; forward into new territory but not uncharted waters. "X-Communicate," represents a rebirth of sorts or at the very least, a chance to start over and like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon; sooner or later we all appreciate the beauty of what it will become. 
To discover more about Kristin Kontrol, please visit   
That's it for this week! Please continue to support live and original music and until next week....ROCK ON!

This week's event listings

Amarones Windsor Inn
29 Church St. Windsor
(609) 448-7144
Thurs. 6:30 p.m. "Simply Piano" feat. Carla Gaiser
Fri. 8 p.m. Larry D
Sat. 8 p.m. Sounds of The Street
Wed. 6:30 p.m. "Simply Piano" feat. Carla Gaiser
Backstage at Championship Bar 
931 Chambers St. Trenton
Thurs. 6 p.m. Concrete, Meth Mouth, Timebomb, Time Spent, Detached, Gloves Off. All ages, $10
Fri. 7 p.m. Pulse Rate Zero, Iron Front, Kept In the Dark, Shattered Skin, Deadly Nights. All ages, $10
Sat. 5 p.m. Thrashole, Epicenter, Half-Ton of Humanity, Racing Fate, Almost Honest, Rezorektor, (TBA). All ages, $10
Sun. 5 p.m. Artisan, West Berlin, Weary Travelers, To Vanish Tomorrow, Foreign Hands, Wither, Better At Night. All ages, $10
Blend Bar & Bistro
911 Highway 33, Hamilton
(609) 245-8887
Tues. 8 p.m. Triviajam 
Bowman's Tavern
1600 River Road, New Hope, PA
(215) 862-2972
Thurs. 6:30 p.m. Dave Dales Trio
Fri. 8 p.m. Bob Egan
Sat. 7:30 p.m. Hazelrigg Brothers
Sun. 6 p.m. Lorenzo
Candlelight Lounge 
24 Passaic St. Trenton
(609) 695-9612
 Sat. 3 p.m.  Lawrence Clark Quartet. $10 (cover charge)
Chickie's & Pete's
183 US Highway 130 North Bordentown
(609) 298-9182
Tues. 8 p.m. Acoustic Music Night feat. The Dawgs
Wed. 9 p.m. Quizzo Trivia
Cream Ridge Winery
145 Route 539, Cream Ridge
(609) 259-9797
Sun. 1 p.m. John & Maggs
Dempster's Pub
437 Pine Street Mount Holly
(609) 261-0500
Thurs. 8:30 p.m. DJ DNIAL
Fri. 9 p.m. DJ Chris
Dog & Bull Brew House
810 Bristol Pike (Rte. 13) Croydon, PA.
(215) 788-2855
Thurs. 8 p.m. Jay Regan
Fri. (4 p.m.) "Happy Hour Jam" feat. Visoon (9 p.m.) Kevin Toft & The All Stars
Sat. (11 a.m.) "Saturday Brunch Jam" feat. David Dzubinski Group (9 p.m.)Heather Heather
Sun. (11 a.m.)"Sunday Brunch" feat. Dick Gratton (3 p.m.) Dick Gratton Trio
Fran's Pub
116 S. Main St. New Hope, PA.
Sat. 3 p.m. Little Red Rooster
Mon. 8 p.m. Open Blues Jam
All shows age 21+
Halo Pub
4617 Nottingham Way, Hamilton
(609) 586-1811
Sat. 7 p.m. Black Cat Habit 
Havana New Hope
105 S. Main Street. New Hope, PA. 
(215) 862-9897
Thus. 10 p.m. "College Beat The Clock Night" DJ Dance Party
Fri. 8 p.m. Howie Day / Chris James. Doors at 6 p.m., $35
Sat. 8:30 p.m. 52 Pickup
Sun. 6 p.m. JB Kline
Mon. 9 p.m. Karaoke
Wed. 8 p.m. "Live, Local, Unplugged" Hosted by Pat Foran
Hopewell Valley Vineyards
46 Yard Avenue Pennington
(609) 737-4465
Thurs. 6 p.m. JP3
Fri. 6 p.m. Hopewell Valley Vineyards Jazz Ensemble
Sat. 6 p.m. James Popik w/ Joe Pinto
Sun. 2 p.m."Jazzy Sundays" feat. Four + 1
Iron Plow Vineyards
26750 Mount Pleasant Rd., Columbus
(732) 306-9111
Fri. 6 p.m. John & Maggs
Sat. 2 p.m. Rob Ballonoff
Sun. 2 p.m. Ed Wilson
Ivy Tavern 
3108 S. Broad Street, Hamilton
(609) 888-1435
Thurs. 9 p.m. Karaoke
Fri. 9 p.m. Papa Dlux
Sat. 9 p.m. Soul Custody
All shows 21+
Jake's Pub
869 Bustleton Pike, Richboro, PA
(215) 322-6787
Tues. 5 p.m. Bill Shannon
John & Peter's 
96 S. Main Street New Hope, Pa.
(215) 862-5981
Mon. 9 p.m. Open Mic. Night
Wed. 9:30 p.m. The Invitational
All shows 21+
Killarney's Publik House
1644 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road, Hamilton
(609) 586-1166
Sat. 2 p.m. Malibu Beach Party
Laurita Winery
85 Archertown Road, New Egypt
(609) 752-0200
Thurs. 7 p.m. Farm to Table  Winemakers Sunset Dinner. $75
Sat. 1 p.m. The Half Brothers
Sun. 1 p.m. Ben Weiner
Wed. 6 p.m. "2016 Laurita Idol Singing Showcase" Junior idol Tryouts
Levitt Amp Trenton 2016 Music Series
Capital Green @ 201 Barrack Street, Trenton
Sat. 7:30 p.m. Richie Cole
Mamma Rosa's 
572 Klockner Road, Hamilton 
(609) 588-5454
Thurs. 6 p.m. Open Mic. Hosted by Richard Schneider
Fri. 6 p.m. Deb & Mike
McStews Irish Sports Pub
5316 New Falls Rd Levittown, PA
(215) 949-9570
Thurs. 10:30 p.m."Beer Pong" w/ DJ Codie
Fri. 9 p.m. Fish Out of Water
Sat. 9 p.m. "Saturday Night Dance Party" w/ DJ RV & MC Slim. $10
Tues. 7 p.m. Quizzo hosted by Mike
Millhill Basement
300 S. Broad Street Trenton
(609) 989-1600
Tues. 10 p.m. "Local Artist" Hip Hop, Experimental EDM and Bass Music Showcase
Music On Main
15 South Main Street, Yardley PA
Sat. 6 p.m. Dave Orban and the Mojo Gypsies
O'Connor's American Bar & Grille
1383 Monmouth Road, Easthampton Mt. Holly
(609) 261-1555
Fri. 9 p.m. Radio Fiction
Olde Liberty Tavern
2114 Liberty Street, Trenton
(609) 396-2262
Sat. 9 p.m. Open Mic. Night
Palermo's Of Hamilton
310 Klockner Rd. Hamilton
(609) 838-7979
Thurs. 9 p.m. Karaoke
All shows 21+ 
Patriot's Crossing
1339 River Rd. Titusville
(609) 737-2780
Fri. 8 p.m. Just Us
Sat. 8 p.m. JB Rocks
Plumsted Grill
457 Pinehurst Road @ Route 539, Cream Ridge
(609) 758-5552
Sat. 9 p.m. Deep Release
Randy Now's Man Cave
134 Farnsworth Avenue Bordentown
(609) 424-3766
Check web site for upcoming events
RHO Waterfront
50 Riverview Plaza Trenton
(609) 393-7300
Fri. (4:30 p.m.) Happy Hour Buffet. $10 (8:30 p.m.) Soul Cruisers                                    
1867 Sanctuary 
101 Scotch Road, Ewing
(609) 392-6409
Thurs. 8 p.m. Richie Cole. $20
Sat. 8 p.m. Scott Bravo. $20
Tara's Tavern 
1 Cookstown-New Egypt Road, Wrightstown
(609) 286-2300
Sat. 9 p.m. Polish Nannies
Tavern On The Lake
101 Main St. Hightstown
(609) 426-9345
Fri. 9 p.m. Vince Sasso Band
Sat. 9 p.m. Sleeping Dogs Lie
Wed. 8 p.m. Karaoke Night 
The Cool Cricket
216 Burlington Street, Fiedlsboro
(609) 291-9110
Fri. 9 p.m. Karaoke
Sat. 9 p.m. Radio Fiction
The HOB Tavern
146 Second Street
(609) 291-7020
Sat. 9 p.m. Karaoke
Tues. 9 p.m. Open Mic. Night
Wed. 8 p.m. (TBA)
The Ivy Inn
248 Nassau St. Princeton
(609) 921-8555
Thurs. 10 p.m. Karaoke w/ DJ Ron
Fri. 10 p.m. Barr Barians
Sat. 10 p.m. DJ Darius
Tues. 8 p.m. Quizzo w/ Bob E Luv
Wed. 10 p.m. "Wednesday Wheel Night Spin To Win Karaoke" w/ DJ Rockn Ron
The Roost 
181 Rte. 539 Cream Ridge
(609) 208-0050 
Fri. 9 p.m. DC Duo
Sat. 9 p.m. John & Maggs
The Sticky Wicket 
2465 South Broad St. Hamilton
(609) 439-0007
Fri. 9 p.m. Dragon Fly
Sat. 9 p.m. Einstein Bridge
Tues. 7 p.m. Karaoke
The Sun National Bank Center 
81 Hamilton Ave. Trenton
(609) 656-3200
Check website for upcoming events
Tir Na Nog 
1324 Hamilton Ave. Trenton
(609) 392-2554
Fri. 9 p.m. Kevin McCloskey
Sat 9 p.m. Black Brant
All shows  21+
Trenton Buzz
702 Pine St. Trenton
(609) 392-6000
Fri. 8 p.m. Live Band & Open Mic. 
Trenton Social
449 South Broad Street Trenton
(609) 989-7777
Fri. 4 p.m. First Friday 
Mon. 9 p.m. Monday Night Karaoke w/ Benny P
Tues. 7 p.m. Open Mic. Night
Triumph Brewing Company (New Hope, Pa. Location)
400 Union Square New Hope, Pa.
(215) 862-8300
Fri. 10 p.m. Madaila ($5 cover charge)
Sat. 10 p.m. Great Blue ($5 cover charge)
Sun. 7 p.m. Open Jam Night (Sign-ups at 6:30 p.m.)-
All shows 21+ 
Wildflowers Inn
2572 Pennington Rd. Pennington
Sat. 9 p.m. Acoustic Rock
Tues. 9 p.m. 
All shows 21 +

Danny Coleman is a veteran musician and writer from central New Jersey. He hosts a weekly radio program entitled “Rock On Radio” airing Sunday evenings at 7:000pm EST on multiple internet radio outlets where he features indie/original bands and solo artists.

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