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Columns By Danny Coleman

There are soundtracks to movies, television mini-series, documentaries and more; then there are what perhaps may be the biggest ones of all; the soundtracks of our lives. ... READ ON

"Our band goes for it every live set and I think "Attitudinal Olives" reflects that vibe. Slee and this CD bring the hard, classic rock as if it... READ ON

"My last album had three original songs and this one has six; it's 14 tracks all together. I never understood that honestly, why bands drop music months apart. I mean I understand the argument for it because it's been said that the more frequently you're putting music out the more attention you can get but I feel like the amount of time, effort and thought that goes into creating something that's full length has a huge impact on the quality of what you put together."... READ ON

"I think it's great when music inspires people to do things. I find that absolutely fascinating and I think it's an important part of how the people who are listening to music and get into music can actually relate to the people making it and also how the people who are making it can relate to those who are listening to it."... READ ON

"Oh no, that's like asking if you have a favorite Beatle album," laughed Micky Dolenz when asked if he had a favorite song from The Beatles "White Album." It's impossible, I get asked that all of the time; there's so many great songs off of the album. I know I'll be doing "U.S.S.R" which I love and "Rocky Raccoon" which I used to sing to my children as a lullaby (laughs). There's just so many; gosh where do you start? There's so many great tunes." ... READ ON

"A friend of my mom and dad's was playing "The Only Thing Is Love" and "Trilogy" on a stereo at their house and I wasn't much of a rocker at the time, I was probably about nine and I had been playing classical music like Bach but he was  playing"Trilogy" and it got to the synthesizer part and I wondered; what is that sound? Then one day my mom gave me a compilation of ELP tracks and that was the start," says musical virtuoso Rachel Flowers as she recounted how she became enamored with progressive rock music at an early age. ... READ ON

an·a·log /ˈanlˌôɡ/ adjective relating to or using signals or information represented by a continuously variable physical quantity such as spatial position, voltage, etc.... READ ON

"When we made our debut we had been together for two months and we did like a five song set," says Brian Erickson of The Extensions as he and the band prepare for the release of their first six song EP, "Bellicose."... READ ON

The Bucks County Playhouse means various things to various people; to some it's just, "That building that gets flooded by the river," to others it's, "The old gristmill" and yet to thespians and others in the know; it's a pre-Broadway launching pad, destination for aspiring entertainers and one of the finest theaters in the entire country. ... READ ON

"Yacht Rock," the very words conjure up images of stuffy, ascot adorned, wealthy individuals on insanely large boats; or perhaps Ted Knight's Judge Smails character in the comedy cult classic, "Caddyshack." ... READ ON

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