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Columns By Danny Coleman

"We've been together for 17 years, we've been together a long time," says guitarist/vocalist Pete Bernhard. "I was a teenager when I started playing out live by myself and then in a few punk bands and then I started The Devil Makes Three in my early twenties." ... READ ON

"It's pretty busy around here; my ongoing joke is that I'm juggling about eight or nine knives and I'm trying not to cut anybody right now," stated a laughing Barbara Newman as she discussed the upcoming International Blues Challenge. ... READ ON

"I'm lucky, I've got a great and fun hobby playing music," says the happy go lucky artist Matt Portella as he talked music, his band mates and more ahead of his upcoming January 25 show at The Vault in Berlin, NJ. ... READ ON

"You can't judge a book by its cover" is an old adage and Jesper Lindgren and Jonas Ericksson may be the perfect example of this tried and true saying. Together the duo make up the Swedish act Velvet Insane and even though they have the look of 80's metal musicians they have a sound which begs to differ. ... READ ON

"The champions are the people who are pointing to the future and that... READ ON

Another year is in the books and as we get set to turn the page on 2019 and look back upon our triumphs and tragedies, successes and failures of the last 12 months we should all keep this in mind; it is never as good or as bad as it possibly could have been. ... READ ON

"That's the power of music; some people put their foot in the water and they get out but the stage is a jealous mistress and it wants all of you or none of you. When you choose that, there's a lot of things that you give up in life; you could do both, it's all doable it's just that it is a struggle and you do get those glorious moments and I find it worth it. Choices, you've got to choose, to me life is risk; one week you're struggling and then the next you're doing great."... READ ON

Most artists in today's climate like to release a single here, a single there or perhaps even a three or four song EP every six months under the guise of, "Staying relevant" or catering to, "People's short attention span" but Dave Vargo isn't like most. ... READ ON

"Fake Jazz & Theme Songs" is the "Official" debut album from Lady Antebellum guitarist Slim Gambill and it is representative of a career, no, make that a journey which seems to have come full circle. ... READ ON

"I'm the only one singing lead vocals but the other guys kind of scream in the microphone once in a while for back-ups," laughed former Child's Play drummer turned Charm City Devils lead vocalist John Allen as he discussed the band's new EP "1904" his personal "Crusade" for his hometown and more.... READ ON

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