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Columns By Danny Coleman

Grim Reaper was formed circa 1979 in the UK and featured Nick Bowcott and vocalist Paul de Mercado. Their fate was short lived however and after a break up was quickly reformed by Bowcott; this time with Dave Wanklin, Lee Harris and Steve Grimmett. The four jelled instantly and from there began their ascent to prominence after they bested 100 other groups in a battle of the bands competition; eventually leading them to signing a deal with Ebony Records.... READ ON

"We're coming up to the Northeast on August 24 for a show in Clifton, NJ and because we released a new CD," says Lola Montez lead vocalist Inga Rudin as she and band mate Blake Scopino discussed their new release and upcoming area shows... READ ON

"Ambosia is playing quite a bit, we do about 60 dates a year; not as much as some but more than others. We're having a lot f fun, we do our own shows where we do the prog, the pop, the rock; we do it all and a couple of months out of the year we do "Yacht Rock" shows where we get together with all of our friends like Steven Bishop, Peter Beckett, John Ford Coley, Walter Egan and we do like a review show and we are doing a lot of that over the next month."... READ ON

A little more than a year ago, Neshanic Station, NJ songwriter/guitarist Tom Flynn released "Travels," a 10 track disc that lives up to its name. "Travels" meanders in and out of styles, genres and tempos while taking the listeners on an eclectic journey inside the artist's songwriting mind. ... READ ON

"Raw; I'd say raw is probably the word," says drummer Josh Roossin of  Southern California based band, The Jacks. "The energy, our sound and the way we perform; when we're on stage we are playing everything that you're hearing. We don't use any backing tracks or any extra things. When we record we do it the same way, we're not adding any crazy production that we wouldn't be able to play live. I'm not knocking any bands that do that, that's totally fine and there is nothing wrong with that; that's just the way we like to hear our music, just us playing it so that's why I feel like it's raw and energetic."... READ ON

"Boy has radio changed; has it not? The whole business has changed, it's a different world," says the man simply known as Kreskin as he discussed his upcoming July 27 appearance at Tuckerton's Lizzie Rose Music Room. ... READ ON

"We're in San Antonio Texas today and it's been great! The crowds have been really responsive, it's kind of really cool for us because we're the heavier band out here so we kind of stick out so it gives us the chance to go out there and set the bar pretty high; it's been a great tour."... READ ON

"We're a full blown band but it's a singles environment again and we released two of them in the last year; so we do two or three single releases a year. We have an agency in Los Angeles that handles our music in terms of publishing, so it's a serious effort all the way around," says American Nomads lyricist Richard Humann as he discussed the band, their writing process and more. ... READ ON

When you're Franke Previte and you've had success as a front man for the popular 80's group Franke & The Knockouts; what's next? Well in Previte's case you pen two of the most recognizable tunes of a now iconic movie soundtrack, win Academy and Golden Globe Awards for "Best Original Song" and go on in life doing what you love and loving what you do.... READ ON

"I really enjoyed my eight years in Sammy's band; what you see is what you get with Sammy. He's always in a good mood, very optimistic, a great singer, terrific musician; he'd always give us a pep talk and tell us how each year was going to be bigger than the last and he was right. We'd sell more records, play to bigger crowds; I really hated to see it break up."... READ ON

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