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artist spotlights | song of the week's New & Notable NJ Music 11/20/23

By Lazlo

Lazlo, founder of (an online radio station based around New Jersey artists), shines a light on some of the many new releases from NJ based musicians each week with this column. This week Lazlo takes a look at new releases by Pet Rock Olympian, Strange Talking Animals, Jacob Chacko, and Renee Maskin. Plus a look back at "Headlock" by Crewman Number Six.

Pet Rock Olympian - "No Cohesion". "For fans of emo-pop, punk, skramz and anything in between", says the Bandcamp page for Pet Rock Olympian's EP, "No Cohesion", and that does sum it up pretty succinctly. While I am not a big fan of skramz, blended along with the other styles it worked for me.

Strange Talking Animals - "In the Glow of the Coming Dawn". This is the fourth, and final, album in Strange Talking Animals' 2023 FAWM 50/90 collection (writing 50 songs in 90 days). All four albums contain are wonderful collections of prog/chamber/psychedelic/pop rock songs, but if you only have time to listen to one, I think I like "In the Glow of the Coming Dawn" best. Songs like "Model Citizen", and "My Own Worst Enemy", really stick out as great tunes, but there I thoroughly enjoyed the entire album.

Jacob Chacko - "Make It". Jacob Chacko describes his latest single, "Make It", as a song that, "attempts to touch on the delicate subject of mental health and related issues. It tries to portray the struggles one goes through but also the possibility there is light at the end of the tunnel." It also is a beautiful song, and quite possibly my favorite release of his so far.

Renee Maskin - "Shimmer". It is always a glorious day when I receive new music from Renee Maskin. "Shimmer" is the type of album I like to listen to with the lights low, big headphones on, and my eyes closed. Renee's vocals and alt-country/Experimental Americana soundscapes always evoke a journey for me. In fact, the video for "Scrimshaw", shot in black & white Super8, is exactly the type of imagery I visualize when listening to her music. Brilliant!

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Not New, But Memorable Corner

Crewman Number Six - "Headlock".  About 21 years ago I first met the guys in Crewman Number Six, when they were just a hard rock instrumental band looking for a lead singer. They found a special kindred spirit a year later when they found Ross Sandler, as he not only added vocals, but also added a funky-soul sound to their hard rock that has defined them for the last 20 years. "Headlock" is but one of many of their incredible songs.

Side note, any one who ever sees me outside in colder weather will note I am always wearing my Crewman Number Six winter hat (which sadly, I don't think they have sold in a long time)

That's all for this week.

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originally published: 11/20/2023



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