New Music Playlist (updated June 9, 2019)

Here is the new music rotation for the month. These tracks are played within a mix of Jersey Artists, Americana, Classic Rock, Covers, and 80s Rock to create a station unlike any other. Tune in at

Adam West - The Thing
Aliens - Long Way to Run
Alright Alright - Gulf Coast Highway
American Aquarium - 'til the Final Curtain Falls
Andy B.AND - Incandescent Lightbulb
Annamay - Disparage Me For Nothing
Autumn - My Last Confession
Beautiful Things - Hey Hey Hey (Electric Mix)
Big Tide - Hide Me In Your Spaceship
Bill Toms and Hard Rain (featuring The Soulville Horns) - Back To Memphis
Billy Hector - Hit The Road
Bonnie Pointer - Just Cried Tear
Candi Staton - Love Is You
Charlie Hole - The Ballad of Anne Beverly
Charlie Sub & Sound Dogs - The Bronx is Burning
Charming Disaster - Blue Bottle Blues
Charmless i - Cold Queen Killer
Charmwood - plaything
Chateau Chateau - Driving In Circles
Clark Twain - Black Car
Coleman Mellett - Life Goes On
coopertheband - Home
Cordovas - This Town's A Drag
Crooked Flower - Let You Go
Dan Miraldi - She Knows
Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Walk On
David Burchfield - Arkansas
David J featuring Rose McGowan - The Auteur (Redux / The Starlet's Cut)
Desert Ships - Rainy Day
Diego Allessandro - Lenny's Place
Dulcie Taylor - Watch Me Hurt
Earnhardt - Drywall
Evelyn Brown - All I'll Ever Need (Radio)
Every Mother's Nightmare - Ride The Train
Ewan Cunningham - Easy
Ezra Caspi - Follow You
Flowers For Jayne - I Want You
Fox and Bones - Reckless
Frank Lombardi - Come Home To Me
Geane - Disguise
Hafdis Huld - You're the First, The Last, My Everything
James Dalton - My Little Man
Jared & The Mill - Soul In Mind
Jason Ager - Bad Guy
Jerzy Jung - I Wanna Come Over To Your House
JF Sobecki - If I Should Fall Behind
John Batdorf - Never See His Face Again
John Gaar - Zydeco Party
Jon Caspi & The First Gun - The Kids Are Alright
Jonas Scott Cowan - Rollin' On
Joseph Parsons - Sad Parade
Josh Ritter - The Torch Committee
Julian Taylor Band - Back Again
Keywest - True North
Les Stroud - Excuse Me Mister
Lion-Hearted - Chumpistador (Sad Man)
London Down - Da Nang
Lost Leaders - Probably Why We're Here
Loverman - She Brings the Night
LUCKYANDLOVE - Medicine Woman
Mark Mathews - The Flowers Still Grow
Marty Willson-Piper - I Don't Think So
Matt O'Ree Band - Awkward Silence
Michael McDermott - What If Today Were My Last
Michael Patrick - You're Not Who I Thought You Were
Michele Ari - Little Wars
Midwest Soul XChange - Simple
Mike Daly & The Planets - Weary
Mike June - Sweet Home Tehran
Missouri Mile - A Million Miles Away
MOUSEWATER - Panic Stations
Nathaniel Land - Love Sings
Nels Andrews - Denim Scarecrow
Nicole Boggs and The Reel - Sleeping with the Enemy
Nils Lofgren - Pretty Soon
Noah Guthrie - Love You Now
Norman Salant - Glory
Nuke The Soup - Bugs
Paul Den Heyer - Passing Of The Season
Pezband - Meika
Quarry - Man With The Scars
Reality Something - Life Noise
Recwall - Nomad
Rusty Young - Hey There
Sal the Musician - Low
Sarah Potenza - Earthquake
Screamin' Deal - The Echo Of A Broken Heart
SEAN McCONNELL - Shotgun (feat. Audra Mae)
Skyeline - Hanging
Stella Mrowicki - War Song
Steve Balsamo - Ships
Subways on the Sun - Paid For
Sylvana Joyce & the Moment - Clean
The 10:04s - Carbon
The Alarm - Transatlantic
The Campfire Flies - Go Back to Your Heart
The Claim - Just Too Far
The Coathangers - Stranger Danger
The Gospel Whiskey Runners - Already Gone
The Grave Escape - Bikini Helen
The Grip Weeds - Vibrations
The Kentucky Headhunters - Walking With The Wolf
The Mutineers - Couldn't Get Over You
The Nude Party - Chevrolet Van
The Poor Man's Opera - A Poor Man's Opera
The Popravinas - Dun' Me In
The Sh-Booms - King & Queen
The Waterboys - Ladbroke Grove Symphony
The Watermakers - Choose
Tim Cheesebrow - How Are You Doing Today?
Todd Warner Moore - Spark
Tom Proctor - Son Of An Outlaw
Tommy Castro & The Painkillers - She Wanted To Give It To Me
Tony Lucca - Other Side of the Clouds
Twilight Fields - Offended
U2 - Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way
Val Emmich - Barely Me
Vandoliers - Wildflower
Wang Chung - Overwhelming Feeling (Orchestral Version)
Weird Al Yankovic - Beat On The Brat
Winter Harvest - Angel of the Coffee Shop