New Music Playlist (updated January 1, 2019)

Here is the new music rotation for the month. These tracks are played within a mix of Jersey Artists, Americana, Classic Rock, Covers, and 80s Rock to create a station unlike any other. Tune in at

Allison Pierce - Bed of Nails
Amanda "Pearl" Shires - Angels and Acrobats
American Aquarium - The World Is On Fire
Ashok - The Unraveled
Autumn - Shadow Girl 2
Ben Bostick - It Ain't Cheap Being Poor
Ben Reel - Healing Hands
Big Tide - Hide Me In Your Spaceship
Bill Toms and Hard Rain (featuring The Soulville Horns) - I'm Sad No More
Billy Hector - Wizard Of Babylon
Bonnie Pointer - Hey Harley
Brandon Bonine - Love To Love
Brett Newski - So Long
Brian Fallon - Little Nightmares
Brotherly - My God
Buffalo Tom - Freckles
Cameron Owens - Discontent
Clark Twain - Fly High (Like Richard Branson)
coopertheband - Invisible Man
Crooked Flower - Dancing
Dan Miraldi - Woke Up Naked
Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Downey to Lubbock
Dave Vargo - Battle Burns
Dean Lindsay - Long Breath In
Deena - Moonlight
Diego Allessandro - The Lost
Dream Wife - Let's Make Out
Dulcie Taylor - Better Part Of Me
ERYN - The You Missing From Me
Esme Bridie - Strangers
Ewan Cunningham - Easy
Ferdinand the Bull - Susannah
Five Headed Cobra - Screaming From The Mountain
Fox and Bones - Little Animal
Gooch and the Motion - Jersey Mudd
Harvey - Your Mother Loves Me
Interpol - It Probably Matters
Jackson Nickels - The Loner
James Deely - Prisoners Of Ourselves
Jared & The Mill - Break in the Ether
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Science Fiction / Double Feature
Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan - Hold On
Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers - Blood, Sweat and Beers
John Batdorf - The Last Time
John Gaar - Memphis
John Hiatt - Over The Hill
John Oates - Arkansas
John Tracy - Blue Sunny Skies
Jon Fuller - Get Down
Joy Williams - Canary
JuiceheaD - Suicide Is Painless (Theme From M*A*S*H)
Julian Cope - Drink Me Under The Table (Drink Me)
K Michelle DuBois - Orchid
Kaleo - Automobile
Karen Mansfield - Aint Half Bad
Keywest - Save My Soul
Leeroy - Mr. Steal Your Girl
Les Stroud - Snowshoes and Solitude
Les Techno - Closer Look
Linda Em - Wild Fire
LiVia - Born For A Reason
Lizanne Knott - Little Sky Town
London Down - You Got Yours
Lori McKenna - People Get Old
Loverman - Drunken Flame
Mardi Gras - One Guitar
Mark Erelli - Tony
Matt Tipton - Not So Afraid
Matthew James - Help Myself
MAX C BUD - Temptress
Michael Logen - St. Christopher
Michael Patrick - Something To Fall Back On
Michele Ari - Uncharted Territory
Midwest Soul XChange - Fifteen Parts
Mike Daly & The Planets - Mikey's Lament
Mike June - Waitress
Musta Paraati - Chopsticks
Noctorum - Piccadilly Circus In The Rain
Norman Salant - Feels Like Rain
Nuke The Soup - Better I Was
October Rose - Bonfire
Paul McCartney - Dominoes
Peter Karp and Sue Foley - Blowin'
Phil Cook - Miles Away
Polly Panic - Beggar Rose
Reality Something - Fail You
Red Wanting Blue - Lily White
Rembrandtpark - Music Feels So Good
Rick Springfield - Blues for the Disillusioned
Rusty Young - My Friend
Screamin' Deal - The Year Of Living Honestly
SEAN McCONNELL - Secondhand Smoke
Sherman Hesse - Dust and Heat
Shoebox Letters - Bender
Sonofdov - Curse the Dark and Leave the Wolves Behind
Stacie Rose - Infinitely
Staircase Paradox - Advent Calendar
Starseedz - #love
Stephen Kellogg - High Highs Low Lows
Subways on the Sun - Electric Eyes
Sylvana Joyce & the Moment - Lick
The Alarm - Neutral
The Ballroom Thieves - Wild Woman
The Grave Escape - Misfit World
The Grip Weeds - Letters
The Hills And The Rivers - The Magician
The Kentucky Headhunters - Wishin' Well
The Maravines - Belmar
The Mutineers - I've Got The Bottle
The Scrags - Arrows of Time
The Sir Walters - Pounding Heart
The Wag - We Carry On
The Weeklings - Running Away
Todd Warner Moore - The Lens
Tom Flynn - Fuel Line
Twilight Fields - Bomber
U2 - 13 (There is a Light)
Walter Lure & The Waldos - Damn Your Soul
Wes Kirkpatrick - Settling

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