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Spotlight on A Moments Notice

Spotlight on A Moments Notice

A Moments Notice is a Band is from Sacramento, California that plays a cross of Metalcore, Deathcore, and Hardcore. The band started in 2022.  The Penguin Rocks presents this interview with A Moments Notice.


Is there a story behind the band name?

The band name came to us at a moments notice not really much of a story it kind of was just said and we were like that's it!


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Who are the members of the band and what instrument do they each play?

Greg Molina- Vocalist; David Taylor- Guitar/ backing vocals; Jonny Avila- Guitar; Sergio Vega- Bass; and Jordan Alvarez- Drums.


Tell me about your latest record.  

Well our record was released on August 19th and our favorite one off the record is different for every member. We all love a different song on it. I (Greg) personally am really happy with the song 'Time Keeper'.


What was one of your favorite gigs? What made it memorable?

One of my favorites was one that I didn't perform with this band but I personally got to perform with A Skylit Drive at Swanfest and it was bar none my favorite moment. Seeing so many people ws nerve wrecking and was intense for me because of it being the first time that I was on stage in 13 years in front of a crowd like that.

What would be the “next step” that you’d like to see the band take?

I would like us to have some more headliner shows. We have a bunch of Co-headliners for this year but I would love to get some headliner shows or open up for some national acts.


Finally, if the band does any cover songs. What artists do you cover? Who would be an artist you haven’t covered yet that you’d like to cover?

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We have actually never done a cover and not sure if we will ever do one just based off the fact that we are so hyper focused on our music and the craft we are perfecting.

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Spotlight on A Moments Notice

originally published: 11/24/2022



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